When driving a car on the road, you need to take care of the safety of yourself, people in your car, and other drivers on the road. You need to become a responsible driver in order to enjoy driving without risking the safety of others. Race car drivers practice every day to develop muscle memory to always keep the car in control. Every small shift in the mechanics of the car requires the right skills for smooth and effortless driving. However, if you are not paying attention, driving can become a daunting process. Since race car drivers have to drive through long laps over and over again, they develop a few principles about driving, which keep them controlled and calculated in every situation. Here they share some of the secret tips with casual drivers that will help you stay safe while enjoying driving.

Do not follow any car

Never follow any car hoping that they will always make the right decisions. The race drivers always use their own knowledge of the tracks to create their way instead of following the actions of the car in front of them. You cannot trust the idea of following a car as anything can happen that may lead to a disaster.


Hand-eye coordination

The sooner you can coordinate with your car, the better. You must learn how to operate brakes, gear, clutch, etc., without looking at them all the time. Your brain should feed this data automatically to your reflexes, which will help you make faster decisions in the most pressurized situations.

Push one at a time

The acceleration, brakes, and steering are the three important parts of any car. Sometimes, using them together creates confusion among the drivers, which can divert their attention from the road. The pro racers suggest that you use one thing at a time (except for special track-only techniques). Using brakes while turning is pointless and will only stop your car from turning quickly.

Develop an eagle-eye view

While driving, you should be focused on finding the right gap between other vehicles so you can pass through that gap with minimum effort. Get an idea of the traffic and find out how you can pierce through the traffic without creating any problems for yourself and others. When you are looking ahead for long-distance, you will have enough time to decide which side to pick to overtake the vehicles.

Keep hands at 9 and 3

Keep hands at 9 and 3

While the basic rules of driving say that you need to hold the steering in a 10 and 2 position, 9 and 3 is the ideal position for your hands recommended by pro racers. It gives you a better balance controlling your car without losing control. Also, it becomes easy for you to bring the steering back to normal when you need to take a sharp turn. When your arms are at 9 to 3, you can easily control your vehicle without losing any control or time on turns.